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Iou4 is a free, handy app to keep track of how much pocket money you owe the children and what for.

The app came about after our teenager, deprived of screens for a misdemeanor, came into a chaotic kitchen to complain about being bored but instead offered to sort out the heap of dishes for £2.00

I agreed and more chores followed, often from the kids being entrepreneurial, offering to do a job and suggesting a price, and sometimes at our suggestion.

I soon ran out of change and started keeping track of it in iou's and then a spreadsheet and finally developed the app.

Per-chore pocket money has made the children willing to help out around the house and taught them the value of money - they tend to save much more than when they got a specified amount weekly and prescribed list of chores. Even our 6 year old has regular chores she's keen to do.

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